June 22, 2017

Admin's Most Wanted...Updated 6-22-17

Anyone got any of the following,,,,

Prophecy - Real Life EP 2007

Detritus - A Taste of Reality Demo 1990

Bride - In Your Face Unplugged 2008

Cafe' Noire - The Heart Of Winter 1991
Cafe' Noire - Through The Glass Darkly 1992
Cafe' Noire - When I Awaken 1990

Crystavox - Wear It Out (Demo) 1989

Preacher - Sanctuary Of The Dead 199x
Preacher - Welcome To Forever 1995

Sorrow Of Seven - Amber - Amber (3 Singles) 1994
Sorrow Of Seven - I Could Murder_Wow + Flutter (Single) 1995
Sorrow Of Seven - Red (4 Singles) 1992.
Sorrow Of Seven - Teal (2 Singles) 1993
Sorrow Of Seven - The Happy Jerks (Split) 1995

Scymitar(aka Arsenal)
-Message of Love (demo, 1984)
-In Concert (live album)

--------------- Help Wanted ------------------------

-- Doug's Want List --

If anyone can help him out with this list.. Just Post or send them my way.. That list has a lot great tunes i like to have also..

Marco F. Needs your help with his big list...


  1. Oh my. I didn't even knew about the most of them.

  2. The one demo from Cafe Noire that I've heard is pretty cool too!

  3. I have a number of them but not many.

  4. If you got any of the wanted. post it here or email me..


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